Baby rear view mirror

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Name: Adjustable rear seat car seatChair mirror features: Avoid driving the driver to turn while drivingMaterial type: as shownItem height: 8 cmProject width: 15.5 cmProject Type: Indoor MirrorProject length: 26.5...

Name: Adjustable rear seat car seat
Chair mirror features: Avoid driving the driver to turn while driving
Material type: as shown
Item height: 8 cm
Project width: 15.5 cm
Project Type: Indoor Mirror
Project length: 26.5 cm
Seat mirror: car rear seat baby mirror adjustable car baby
Child monitor: after car baby mirror
Automotive: General Motors

Project Features:
Adjustable rear car seat mirror
Large rectangular shape allows for a wider viewing angle
Allow divers and front passengers to safely see the rear of the car
Headrest assembly - simply rear view mirror position towards baby mirror
Adjustable angle: easy to rotate and rotate for clear visibility
Prevent the driver from having to turn while driving
Does not hinder visibility of rear view
Quick and easy to adjust and remove if necessary
Adjustable shoulder strap makes the mirror possible for any headrest shape


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